A tale of Snodin, God of Conflict Resolution

Fire and Frost giants have been at odds for eons. Constant conflict permeates their cosmic struggle, with only brief periods of resolution. To put an end to this perpetual unrest, Odin sends one of his lesser known, frostier sons to arbitrate their dispute. Thor and Baldur are known to many, but so few have heard tales of the great and wintry Snodin.

It is a great disgrace that so much of snow culture has been lost. Eddas and temples have been erased and razed, to make room for much more popular, MARVELous gods. With flashy hammers and shapeshifting tricksters, who has time for the icy tales of winter’s champion?

The sagas of snodin are rare but not forgotten. Some still hear them sung in wintry mountain passes, in love’s first kiss, in the down feathers of an eagle, and in the waning moon’s rise. Even in the murmurs of the frozen section in the grocery store.

Snodin the reasonable, he was called. A wise, just, and fair leader. For too long he has gone unnamed, unsung, unknown. Now we must remedy this, allowing a new generation of acsnowlytes to find dispute resolution at Snodin’s throne.

Perhaps the greatest myth of this frigid god is how he ended the conflict between the giants of frost and flame. In the end, Snodin was a champion of the people, a defender of the realms of men. He understood that if either race of giants in the cosmic struggle were to win, then the climate of Meadgard would destroy those that worshipped his glacial highness. He also understood that the humans had many conflicts, many disputes, many rivalries, all without resolution in sight. Snodin, in his infinite and rimy wisdom, envisioned a way to appease both giants and men.

Rather than the ruthless sacrifices of yesteryear, why not let the humans fight each other while gods and giants kick back and chill? So, Snodin called for a warrior caucus. One human warrior representative from each special interest group will battle for their transient, mortal causes. While they clashed to decide the fate of their people, the giants would watch from high atop the Great World Tree, distracted from their unceasing struggles.

And thus, the Viking Democracy was born. So it is written, so snote it be.


A Political Platform Like No Other

2017’s most exciting multi-player brawler is also 2017’s least accurate documentary about the Viking political process.

In Viking Democracy, players choose one of four Viking warriors and square off in different arenas as they fight to obtain the objectives of their special interest groups. Follow them on the campaign trail to Snodin, the lesser known Viking god of conflict resolution. It’s packed with enough game modes, interactive levels, out of the box hazards, puns, and power-ups to satisfy even the surliest of political aspirants.

With a focus on co-op and head-to- head play, Viking Democracy is the perfect reason to grab some friends and settle disputes the way Snodin intended!

Campaign Promises

Players seek conflict resolution in 10 unique levels by jumping, dodging, and attacking

Multiple types of throwable weapons, including hand axes, snowballs, Thor’s hammer, and fish

Combos and special mos keep the combat exciting for days

Ride into battle on powerful mounts, like a battle moose and celestial squid

Outrageous wearable suits, including a six-legged horse, chicken, and tankard of mead

Fast and plentiful throwable weapons in 8 directions add to the carnage

Fun and dynamic combat that newcomers can pick up easily but has enough depth to keep veterans entertained for hours

Tons of jump and dash options allow players to pursue and evade in the air, meaning combat can occur anywhere on the stage

system specs

Storage: 1GB

RAM - 0.5 GB


CPU - 2.6 GHz

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Meet Your Candidates

The Viking World

Fraught with strange beasts, fearsome warriors, and thorny political issues, there is much excitement and glory to be had in the lands watched over by Lord Snodin.