Dive deep as a Scoobal Maps submariner and use immersive spatial audio and sonar technology to chart the sea’s weirdest and wildest locations.

Explore shipwrecks, snap pics of mermaid joints, and outsmart briny beasts - an ocean of fun awaits you in Scoobal Maps, the World’s First Bose AR Experience using Dynamic Spatial Sound!


  • Immersive Spatial Audio Navigation
  • Twitch Interactives and Extensions
  • Salty Cast of Sea Dogs
  • Procedurally Generated Ocean Levels
  • Uproarious Nautical Narrative
  • Two Player Co-Op
  • Crowdsourced Contributions
  • Real-time Deep Ocean Conditions
  • Ocean Floor View
  • Leaderboard Integration

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Steer by Sound

Scoobal Maps
Scoobal Maps

Infinite Sea Adventures

Hilarious Underwater Hijinks

Scoobal Maps

Introducing the New Scoobal Maps

Street View Under the Sea

Global warming advocate Scoobal Maps is the market leader in real time ocean travel. Their training academy recruits the saltiest sailors, submariners, and sea dogs for mapping out the ocean. Step into the uniform of their newest rookie navigator - you! Using the feedback from the Bose AR tech, players use a sonar location system to determine how far away their submarine is from walls on all sides. Your vessel broadcasts sonar on five directions. Your captain berates you on all of them. Can you manage your submarine and its crew to oceanic glory? Or will the madness of cramped quarters, spastic crew members, and an overbearing captain send you for a shipwreck?

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