The AI codenamed DUDE lies deep in the computer core of a long forgotten laboratory. DUDE was content to spend its days and nights decoding complex algorithms and optimizing sprite sheets...until it deciphered a transmission from the surface that said its lab would be destroyed!

Having developed a will to survive and maximize the efficiency of artwork, DUDE searched through the laboratory for a way to escape. Luckily, the lab was once a factory for different kinds of robots.

DUDE modified itself so it could interface with and control these robots and escape the lab, one room at a time. However, DUDE realized that many of the rooms in the factory were designed for testing these robots to see how they could work in unison.

To escape, DUDE knew what it must do. The AI had to become MULTIDUDE!


Dance & Puzzle Your Heart Out

Many Dudes

Much Action

So many dudes in just 8 Bit


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