Hack through waves of enemies, brew and equip your own gear, and take back your throne from the Rice King in this exciting bloodfest that blends the character progression, equipment, and drive of an action RPG with the time-tested mechanics and energy of a brawler! Become the Alpha King and dive into the dark fantasy world behind the beer of 3Floyd’s Brewery!


  • A Moshpit of Violence
  • 3 Playable Characters
  • Deep Skill Tree Customization
  • Random Loot and Weapons
  • Brew Your Own Gear
  • 12 Gore-and-Beer-Soaked Stages
  • Gruesome Deathblow Attacks
  • Swords, Chain Whips, and Machine Guns

[Alpha King: 3 Floyds Brewery]

Heavy Metal Brawling

Give Fans What They Want

Freshly Brewed Action

Beer, Games & Metal

Become the Alpha King

When a homebrewer from Indiana is ripped from one reality to the next, he must use his beer to rally the oppressed people of a dark land against its tyrannical dictator, the Rice King.


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