Grab your slap bracelets and alt-rock anthems as you fight off an invasive interplanar force in this 90s-themed tactical strategy RPG. Use the innovative Skillboard system to fully customize 9 unique characters, including your mom.

  • Tactical RPG Combat
  • Complete Character Customization
  • Procedurally Generated Encounters
  • Your Mom is a playable character

Tactical RPG Excitement

Go Rogue.

Play Hard.

Step Into The Dungeon

We Got Story

It's the 90s, and Generation X is feeling jaded about life, love, and...reality. As 9 different people in the sleepy town of Sunny Vale struggle to make sense of it all, strange forces begin to invade and reshape their world: the basement of the neighbor's house goes down multiple floors, the high school has entire hallways and wings that no one has ever seen before, and the SmashHit! Video store has a horror film section that goes on for miles. As the forces from beyond remake reality, these suburbanites must come together to discover what truly matters - and protect it.


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