Claude was born to paint. He mastered everything from portraits to murals, and became a rising star in the art world.

Of course, you don't become a painter superstar without making a few enemies, and Claude's ascent to greatness left many jealous rivals in his wake. Several of these were so bitter they were willing to do anything to get back into the spotlight...even if that meant engaging with the dark arts.

Using an evil paintbrush made from the end of a witch's broom, Claude's enemies painted a magic door to a realm without color and banished the star artist inside.

Although trapped in this colorless world, Claude still his mighty brush. He's no master of the dark arts, but Claude is pretty sure he has the talent to reverse the spell of his foes. If there's one thing this superstar artist has learned, there's no problem a little paint can't solve...

[Super Painter]

Artistic Integrity

Puzzle Platforming

High Pressure Painting

Claude's ascent to greatness


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