How do you bring fans closer to the team and sport they love and take an already exciting stadium experience to the next level?

With a video game.

The sports fans of today want more for their money - get them to the game with exciting stadium experiences. The Pittsburgh Pirates wanted to give their fans something truly worthwhile, so they partnered with Mega Cat Studios to incentivize fans to become season ticket holders.

MCS created interactive stadium experiences to reward game-day attendees through memorable and exciting games. Baseball seasons, and games, are long. Keeping the excitement and stadium experience top-tier makes for a successful fan engagement experience.

The package of games, including Raising the Jolly Roger and Mystery Box, are built to be easy to use, adaptable, and designed with a fun-first approach.

[The Pittsburgh Pirates]

Simple,intuitive controls

Raising the Jolly Roger

Bucco’s Mystery Box

Fill those seats with fun and memorable stadium experiences!

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