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After suffering a dramatic defeat in the fateful Bateman Hills Heritage Days Lumberjack Festival, the Mayor does the only thing any respectable politician would do: demand a recount.

Now, the axe-wielding athletes must battle it out again if they want to save their surfspot, continue their heavy metal world-tour, or settle their lifelong grudge. The blades are sharp and the logs are ready - Let's Jam.

Catch This, Again!

Jam your log into the fastest axe-based tournament ever to grace the NES. Pick your champion as the stakes get raised in this sequel to Log Jammers for PC.


Bury the Hatchet with these Features!

All your favorite lumberjacks from the PC version of Log Jammers return!

Power-ups galore!

High-intensity axe-tossing action!

Jam hard and fast or get ready for all-new trash talk!


System Specs

NES Exclusive


Axe-Throwing Timber Beasts

The New Battlegrounds