Boston Scientific, a world leader in medical technologies, needed a way to educate clients about their groundbreaking new surgical tool used to unclog and aspirate arteries. A partnership with MCS created Plaq-Man, an arcade style game complete with a custom controller.

Not only did this game demonstrate the functionality of this new tool, but it also made the company’s convention presence more compelling, as physicians would compete to get the high score spot on the game’s leaderboards. Additionally, the Plaq-Man game captured player information and left them with a positive experience, setting the stage for warm and successful Boston Scientific follow up.


Physiologically Accurate Engagement

Client Education

Convention Floor Buzz

Client Education through Excitement

Plaq-Man did more than simply introduce Boston Scientific's new surgical tool to surgeons and other medical professionals. It demonstrated the device?s functionality through a competitive, exciting, and social experience. This created buzz and momentum for Boston Scientific and their world-class new medical technology.


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