It’s daaaardge ball on the high seas in an adventure that puts a swashbuckling twist on the JRPG formula. Recruit a crew, explore the seven seas, and level up in this pirate RPG with real-time dodgeball action combat!

  • Sweeping Pirate Adventure
  • RPG with Real-time Action Combat
  • Competitive Multiplayer Mode
  • Customizable Pirate Crew
[Balls & Booty]

RPG Dodgeball, Buccaneer Style


Today, We Parley

Swash Buckle the New Fashioned Way

A Pirate’s Life for You!

Explore the high sea of an expansive pirate world! Dig for buried treasure. Fight sea monsters. Trade exotic birds. Name your ship. Solve ghostly mysteries. When you’re down with all the side quests, you’ll have to take down Sixarm Sinbad in a battle for the future of piracy itself!


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