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Chewcago Confidential

Something’s rotten in the city of Chewcago, and it ain’t your teeth. The Jamily, aka the Glob, are running a new drug on the streets of Chewcago: Fairy Dust (typically found in brightly colored paper tubes). This stuff gives you the strongest sugar high money can buy, and now everyone from housewives to the mayor himself is “dancing with the sugar plum.” The streets are rife with corruption, but with the city council and half the police force on the Globfather’s payroll, who can stop this wave of crime?

Say Hello to our sugary friend!

Take on organized candy crime as you battle the Globfather to save the city of Chewcago. It's a shooter you can't refuse.

Nutrional facts

Take down organized candy crime as you battle the Globfather to save Chewcago. It's a shooter you can't refuse.

Twitch flying and shooting action forces you to adapt your weapons and strategy to wave after wave of incoming enemies

3 unique stories, one for each playable character

A city ridden with a crime wave so sweet it's rotten

Fight over 30 enemies, each with their own weaknesses and attacks

Over a dozen weapons, like layer cake Tommy guns, chocolate pistols, candy apple grenades, gumball Gatling guns, and soda-mint explosives

Grab some backup for 2-Player local co-op

A candy criminal empire to dismantle, including crooked cops, dirty politicians, and the kingpin himself, the Globfather.

system specs

Storage 512MB

RAM - 512MB


CPU - 2.6 GHz

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The Globstoppers

Choose a vigilante cop, a criminal enforcer, or a lounge singer on a quest to save her kid sister, and peel back the wrapper on this world of sickly sweet crime.

GOOns, Made Men, and GOOdfellas

Becoming a member of the Jamily ain’t just about fedoras and tommy guns. It’s not just about finding a way off the streets and into a pin-stripe suit. And it’s about more than just power and respect. Joining the Jamily is about honor. Honor, and knowing that you can get much farther with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word alone.

A Tour of Chewcago

Chewcago has something for everybody – exciting night life, employment opportunities, and sleepy suburbs that are just perfect for raising a family. Through greed, vice, and violence, however, drugs and crime have corrupted the core of this city, like finding slime at the center of a lollipop.