Best Buds, Dead Buds

After a guinea pig and his goldfish companion are denied entry into heaven (on account of some typos on the essential paperwork), the pair are offered a compromise: aid the other denizens trapped in Limbo, and the administrative powers that be will look the other way on those discrepancies on the forms. What begins as an undertaking to cut through afterlife red tape turns into a quest to help other poor lost souls on the wrong side of the Pearly Gates.

All animals go to heaven, but can they get through the gates?

Journey through multiple layers of the Afterlife as you help souls migrate out of Purgatory by eliminating spirit-blocking overlords. Ensure that all animals go to Heaven as you weave through senior centers, meat nightmares, and insect sewers all packed with vertical shmup action. Stock up on fish food and hamster pellets, because this is going to be one Hell of a ride.


Check out this pedigree

  • Shmup gameplay in purgatory, without zombies interrupting your lunch
  • Multiple endings - how many souls will you save?
  • Surreal and trippy environments and enemies in every stage
  • Never journey alone! Bring a friend in co-op mode!

Specs and Requirements


Hamster Heroes and Fishy Friends


Rodent royalty, this hamster hero is sent to heaven after he falls prey to the evil claws of a sinister fat cat.


A loyal friend to Guinea-Big, Ghouldfish ascends to that great fish bowl in the sky after a run-in with a fiendish feline.

Departed Souls

Layers of the Afterlife