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Sometimes a winner is a monster who just won't quit

Terrifying and tormenting humans is a job for average-joe monsters. For super-elite creature-athletes, the only fitting profession is pro-football. Six teams from the realms of horror and darkness have entered the playoffs, and are prepared to rip, claw, and slice their way to victory. Some do it for the thrill of competition. Some do it for honor. Some do it for brains. In the end, every team hopes to make their dreams come true on the Field of Nightmares.


Monster Football at its Finest

We've stripped football down to it's core: over-powered monsters of muscle, violent action, and something about a ball. Enjoy outrageous on-the-field combat, all-star weapons, and trash-talking coaches on every play. Score enough touchdowns and earn yourself a championship ring, while the losers go to the slag heap, the dungeon, or the graveyard (again).


Energetic arcade football action!

6 monster teams to choose from, each with their own demotivational coach!

Every arena has its own tailgating fans, interfering obstacles, and deadly hazards!

Use weapons like tridents, zombie limbs, and cursed swords!

Things not going your way? Bring in your Berserker and show your opponent what nightmares are made of!


Otherworld Athletes

Get to the grid-iron!

system specs

Sega Genesis/MegaDrive