Adventure, Excitement, and Experience Points

Evil of all kinds abounds in the tales of adventure and excitement that await you. Answer the strange summons of a former brother in arms. Find the missing cheese. You can even create your own adventures! So pick up your broadsword and trusty dice, because it’s time to level up your tabletop experience!

Tabletop the Right Way

You deal with enough paperwork at school and your job. Why deal with more in a tabletop RPG? Expedition is a unique platform for enjoying all the spontaneity, creativity, and dice-rolling from a tabletop RPG experience, but without the 8 hour time commitment and stacks of spreadsheets, and we have the perfect retro cartridge companion to bring your role-playing sessions to life.

Check out this character sheet!

Expedition offers a card-based system to handle the clerical work and scorekeeping which can bog down a pen and paper RPG sessions. Mega Cat Studios’s NES game is the perfect  companion to Expedition’s deck of cards*, adding tons of features dripping with 8-bit glory:

*Expedition’s deck of cards is needed to properly play the game. Begin your quest here (link to https://expeditiongame.com/)

A multitude of quests for your stalwart and sly party of adventurers to take on

Animated images and graphics for every environment and event from Expedition’s harrowing journeys

Easy to use system for navigating quests, no math degree required

A streamlined version of Expedition’s already fast and simple way to resolve typically rule-heavy combat sessions

The perfect soundtrack to all of your heroic (or infamous) deeds


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NES Exclusive