A Game with Hidden Secrets

Sometimes, the games of our childhoods have a way of sticking with us, of really leaving a mark. The memories. The characters. The stories.

The Curse.

Van Montbelle is the poor unfortunate soul who found a strange game at a MAGfest booth selling used retro hardware. The game consumed him, plaguing him with migraines and stomach agony when he wasn’t playing it. Van felt driven, compelled to play it, to the exclusion of all other games.

Finally, he beat it, but there was no triumph – the game’s victory screen told him that his soul as well as his mind and body were now cursed, and he would be tortured for eternity unless he could spread the curse to others.

Van at first tried to destroy the game – throwing it away, breaking it apart, even burning it – but each time it would appear the next day, inserted into his NES. Finally, he knew what he had to do.

Now, one year later, Van has returned to MAGfest to further the evil will of TITLE, starting by entrancing the other attendees with the game’s soundtrack, brainwashing major musical acts to blast the game’s songs from the stage, and curse the entire convention through a live speedrun of the game, exposing everyone to its evil and cursed victory screen!


Break the Curse

A cursed NES cartridge has captivated the minds of the greatest music and game festival in all the land. Arm yourself with the retro hardware weapons of your ancestors, jam out to original music by Danimal Cannon and others, and battle through spellbound hordes on a whip-cracking quest to free MAGfest from the grip of the evil game!

Tracklist of Awesome

side-scrolling, whip-cracking action you haven’t experienced in years

From several prominent musical acts, including DJ Cutman, Machinae Supremacy, and Danimal Cannon

stage after stage of real MAGfest locations, including vendor spaces, cosplay tournaments, and the main music stage

a variety of upgrades and special weapons like NES controller whips, retro controllers, and backstage passes

a horde of possessed conference attendees, including merry makers, superhero cosplayers, anime enthusiasts, and bootleg vendors

system specs

Only for the NES


The Spellbound Horde

The Convention’s Only Hope


Simone and Trevor – Two indie game developers who had a big weekend planned for the convention. Rocking out, testing new games, and rubbing shoulders with others in the biz was their plan. What they didn’t expect was that the mesmerizing, hypnotic tracks of an evil game would curse the conference and their weekend!

Battle through every floor of MAGfest!