A Race to the Top of the Food Chain

In the 2Xth century, urbanization and pollution caused food and resource shortages. Humanity was able to adapt through technology, devising biologically-implanted nodes which allowed them to consume and metabolize any material, living or inorganic.

This necessity sparked a trend in biological manipulation, and soon mankind split itself into two species – the Celestials, who embraced bio-mods and expanded across the stars from their new lunar home; and the Ghouls, descendants of humans who never utilized the consumption nodes and remained behind on earth, poisoned and twisted by the conditions there.

The strife between these species has caused mistrust, suspicion, even war, and their planetary conflict has attracted the attention, and ire, of a being that is beyond all mortal Flesh.

Now, two champions - half-caste offspring with parents from both species - will attempt to save humanity’s future by fighting through its past on a desolate and perilous world.


A new way to gorge

Run and gun and...eat? Saw through flesh and steel the new fashioned way, or drill through enemies with fast-paced gunslinging with Bite the Bullet. Let's get rotten!

Taste the Action

Bite the Bullet is a biopunk run and gun action platformer for PC and the Sega Genesis, packed with a belly-baby of:

10 levels infested with bladed drones, flame turrets, lightning geckos, blimp rats, and helmet squids

Interactive elements in every stage, like sap puddles, spongy bio-material floors, ziplines, glow-in-the-dark enemies, and hang-gliders!

Players can choose to destroy or consume enemies, turning their biological matter into a number of upgrades

Organic upgrades and weapons, like the Gurtha swarm blowgun, lightning gecko on a stick, or turtle shell plate armor

Save up that bio-meter to activate Zombro mode, and send enemies flying, knock over walls, and pound your foes into smoking ash and bone dust!

Mutant. Hamster. Squirrel.

system specs

Storage 512MB

RAM - 512MB


CPU - 2.6 GHz


Buffets of Action



Defend your lunar home from the top of a runaway bullet train! Fight off an invasion on the back of speeding bullet trains and in the cities of the Purebred Capitol!



The invaders were tracked back to a desolate city on a ruined planet: Earth.​ ​In this earthbound ghoul city, traps and crumbling platform are the least of the player's worries!