The island of Omosai has much to offer - bustling city life for shopping and entertainment, relaxing parks for meditation and reflection, and the time-honored tradition of bonsai. Master Chow Khan is a respected resident of Omosai and the proud owner of a successful shop which sells decorated holiday bonsais. However, all of Master Khan's e-commerce prosperity, and the peace of Omosai, are about to be shattered by a dark force from his past… Now, the only one who can stop this threat is a janitor turned ninja trainee from Chow Khan's shop. Years of martial arts study, meditation, and mopping have led to this. Get ready to enter the streets of fury and save the city.

Are you ready to become Almost Hero?

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Brawl with cartoon super-villains, engage in a bonsai seed economy, and unlock the power of Foot Passion as you become the greatest ninja your city has ever known. Save your master as you become the almost hero Omosai deserves.


- Almost Hero is a side-scrolling beat-em- up for the NES, the heir to the legacy of action-packed brawlers.

- Couch co-op carnage, so grab a controller and let Player 2 join the fray!

- Multiple stages which players can tackle in any order

- A bonsai seed-based economy, where players can purchase upgrades, like new attacks and Foot Passion VHS tapes

- The taunts of enemy soldiers and their cries of anguish as they are defeated

- Colorful bosses, like the electric mouse biker, street gang shark, and mutant adolescent shell reptile!

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A most honorable and masterful NES!

Almost Villains

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